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BLEXIT Co-Founder Brandon Tatum Endorses Anthony Trimino for California Governor

Friday, June 25, 2021

Brandon Tatum, BLEXIT Co-Founder and former Tucson Police Officer, recently joined Anthony at the Trimino campaign launch event to announce his endorsement of Anthony for California Governor.

You’ve seen Brandon sharing his vision, purpose and drive on the Ingram Angle, Fox Business, Fox & Friends, Headline News, Newsmax, One America News or heard him on Ben Shapiro’s podcast. Brandon says, “I want to help everybody that I can reach, to pull them out of the brainwashed mentality of the Democratic party.”

Brandon said of Anthony, “This is not somebody running a campaign and saying ‘well I don’t have experience, I may not know it all…’ This is somebody who’s getting it done. Who started from nothing. How could you not honor and support somebody who started from nothing, and built an empire.”

“Somebody you know you could trust to deal with finances and the budget and run a team and have people believe in him.”

Watch Brandon’s full speech below:

See Brandon interviewed about his endorsement on YouTube:

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